Farm Education Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities

2017 Volunteer Opportunities for Students in Grades 6 – 12

During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, we have multiple opportunities to involve local students in grades 6 – 12 in our farm education programs. Please see the volunteer opportunities below and email the Education Director to sign up to help with a program.

Please also read our guidelines for student volunteers before committing to any programs:

  • Student volunteers assist farm education staff during youth programs. They are the extra eyes, ears, and hands that help our popular farm programs run smoothly. When engaged with the kids and activities, volunteers help our educators do a better job facilitating the planned lessons and activities of the day. Volunteer duties include helping oversee kids during “free choice” activity periods (typically at the beginning, middle, and/or end of a program session), during animal chores and visitation, and other instances where a farm educator’s skills, knowledge, or authority are not required, but a little guidance or supervision is helpful to our youth participants.
  • Volunteers typically arrive about 15 – 20 minutes before the start of a session to help with last-minute program prep and to learn about the plan for the session; they may leave at the program end time, but we encourage them to plan to stay an extra 10 – 15 minutes to help with certain aspects of clean up and to help oversee kids still waiting to be picked up.
  • We prefer high school students help with spring and fall programs for kids in grades 3 – 6, but middle school students may help with spring, summer, and fall programs for kids ages 4 – 5 (preschool programs) or those entering grades K – 5.
  • We expect volunteers to be fully engaged with the activities of the group; please leave all electronics / gadgets / items not needed for the program at home. Cell phones are allowed but should only be used if needed. Volunteers who cannot abide by these rules will be asked to put their items / phones away until the program ends.
  • Our youth programs are hosted entirely outdoors or in an unheated historic barn; they are scheduled rain or shine, which requires staff, volunteers, and youth participants to ALWAYS dress for the weather and temperature forecasted for the program period. We recommend checking the hourly forecast prior to leaving your house, as weather can change from day to day. Bringing “back up” clothes (jacket, rain boots, etc) to stay warm or dry in the case of forecasted rain is recommended, even if you don’t need them when you leave your house. Remember- we sometimes get a little dirty, so new or special clothes should NOT be worn!
  • During summer programs, we recommend all volunteers wear sunscreen and a hat; they should also bring a full water bottle and a snack. Volunteers helping during our “all-day” summer programs should also bring a lunch each day.
  • Volunteer hours can be used towards community service projects or credits for school or extracurricular activities. To discuss further with the Education Director, send us an email.

There are currently no volunteer positions available. Check back in December 2017 for 2018 opportunities!

2017 Farm Education Job Opportunities

There are currently no education positions available. Check back in December 2017 for 2018 opportunities!