Composting at Wright-Locke Farm


If you’ve visited the farm over the winter, you may have noticed some major changes down by our compost area. After much thought and consideration, we have constructed a contained three-bay compost system. The same composting rules apply to the new set up (see below), and we’ll still have a sign pointing towards the “active” pile where compost should be dumped. We currently request that items be dumped in the far right bay (closest to the pond).

compost bins

Composting Guidelines

Please be sure to only bring the following types of items for our certified-organic compost:
- fruit and veggie scraps
(raw, cooked, or rotten)
- spent coffee grinds and filters
- teabags without staples
- non-oily grain products
(bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc)
- eggshells
- nutshells
- brown paper bags
- black and white newsprint (best if shredded)
- untreated houseplants (with or without potting soil)
- untreated floral arrangements
- compostable plates, bowls, or food containers
(must be like paper/thin cardboard)
NEVER bring any of the following items:
- animal proteins
(meats, bones, egg whites/yolks, etc)
- dairy products
- oily foods or fats
- color or glossy print flyers (from newspapers or elsewhere)
- chemically-treated plants/cuttings of any kind
- pet wastes or litter
- compostable plant-based plastic cutlery
- compostable plant-based plastic bags
**Please take off UPC stickers! These stickers go through our shifter and end up all over the farm.
These items attract pests and predators, encourage growth of unsafe bacteria, introduce harmful chemicals into the pile, or are not allowed in our compost due to strict organic certification standards.

For more basic information on composting, please read this two-page EPA Backyard Composting Guide.