Adult Education Programs

Wright-Locke Farm’s education programs for teens and adults are a great way to learn practical skills related to healthy living, small-scale agriculture, and the wonders of nature. All workshops take place either in our historic 1827 Barn on the Farm (unheated / not air conditioned) or in the kitchen at Saint Eulalia’s Parish (50 Ridge Street- right down the street from the Farm) and are open to individuals ages 14+ unless stated otherwise. We hope you can join us for one or more workshops this growing season!

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for workshops is required. If you can no longer attend a workshop for which you are registered, the Farm will refund your tuition fee until 10 days prior to a program. No refunds are provided within 10 days of a workshop.

Instructions for Adult Program Registration
We have a new and improved online registration system set up for all Wright-Locke Farm program and event sign ups. In order to register for education programs, you will need to:

1. Create or log into your account via Making an account is quick and easy! We just need some basic information about yourself. If you would like to change any of these pieces of information at any time, you may do so by logging into your account.

2. Register for an adult program! Click on the REGISTER NOW! links below to sign up for a program. You will be asked to enter the number of people you wish to register for the program (including yourself or children, if applicable) and enter the first and last names of those being registered in the Guest Information fields. You will be given the option to pay immediately by credit card or to pay later; we recommend opting to “pay later” if signing up for multiple programs so that you may pay for all programs with one credit card transaction at Make Payment (check payment can also be mailed in lieu of credit card payment).

Contact our Education Director with any questions.

Summer Programs

Farm pilatesSummer Evening Pilates Sessions
with Jennifer Ogonowsky

Mondays, July 24 and August 7 & 21 from 7 – 8pm at the Farm
REGISTER NOW for Session 2: July 24
REGISTER NOW for Session 3: August 7
REGISTER NOW for Session 4: August 21

Join local instructor Jennifer Ogonowsky for an hour-long pilates session in the historic 1827 Barn. The class is suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced) and focuses in improving strength, flexibility, toning, and endurance. Set to energizing and inspiring music, each session works the full body, especially the core. Featured movements are low-impact, slow, controlled, and can be modified for each and every person. Participants should always dress for the forecasted temperature and bring a yoga mat. Tuition fee: $10 per person


Brittney teaching yoga in the 1827 BarnMorning and Evening Summer
Yoga Sessions with Brittney Burgess

Friday morning on August 18 from 6 – 7am
Tuesday evenings on July 25 and August 8 from 7 – 8pm

REGISTER NOW for Morning Yoga: August 18
REGISTER NOW for Evening Yoga: July 25
REGISTER NOW for Evening Yoga: August 8

Our popular early morning and evening yoga sessions in the farm’s historic 1827 Barn are back this summer. Set to the backdrop of the fields, these classes are appropriate for all levels of yoga experience. Local instructor Brittney Burgess will guide students through a vinyasa flow emphasizing a balance of power and flexibility through the dynamic combination of breath and movement. Participants should always dress for the forecasted temperature and bring a yoga mat. Tuition fee: $10 per person


Shagbark Hickory Tree (Rebekah Carter 2014)Foraged Edible and Medicinal Plants
Tasting and Walk with Russ Cohen

Wednesday, July 26 from 6 – 8:15pm at the Farm

Join published local forager Russ Cohen for this tasting and walk around the wooded trails, wetlands, and pasture areas surrounding the Farm, including along the Locke and Whipple Hill Conservation Areas. We’ll start out on the farm stand patio to discuss the fundamentals of foraging wild edible and medicinal plants, then enjoy a selection of foraged edible foods Russ has prepared; the remaining time will be used for the walk led by Mr. Cohen. Russ focuses on plant identification, habitat and seasonality, nutritional or medicinal benefits, common uses, and historical information regarding specific species. Tuition fee: $25 per person


Garden Calendula (Rebekah Carter 2012)Floral Herbalism Workshop with Steph Zabel

Sunday, July 30 from 10 – 11:30am at the Farm

This fun and informative class hosted by herbalist and botanical educator Steph Zabel will cover an array of locally-available medicinal plants that participants will learn to use and enjoy in practical, everyday ways. Our flower-focused workshop will feature three common plants (calendula, chamomile, and lavender) with in-depth discussions and tea tasting of each, information about traditional uses and healing properties, and herbal medicine-making demonstrations and hands-on preparation. Each participant will make an herbal infused oil to take home. Tuition fee: $35 per person

Please note: this is one of four classes herbalist Steph Zabel will be leading at Wright-Locke Farm this year; class focuses include leaves (May), flowers (July), fruits (September), and roots (October). This is a wonderful introductory series for anyone who is new to the world of herbalism. Classes can be taken individually or as a whole series.


Fermented Sour Dills (Rebekah Carter 2012)Fermenting Vegetables and Fruits Workshop

Tuesday, August 1 from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the kitchen
at Saint Eulalia’s Parish


Join Education Director Rebekah Carter to learn how to safely prepare and ferment local seasonal produce into healthy probiotic-rich pickles, salsas, sauces, and more using lactic acid fermentation (also known as lactofermentation). Featured topics to be covered include selecting the best ingredients, necessary fermenting vessels and useful kitchenwares, ferment making techniques, and open-air ferment troubleshooting. Each participant will make and take home two jars of veggies to ferment and enjoy; items will include a pint jar of shredded or cut veggies (choice of sauerkraut, sour beets, or dilly beans) and a half-pint jar of hot sauce. Tuition fee: $30 per person


Summer cocktail (Erick Donoghue)Summer-Inspired Cocktails Workshop
with Erick Donoghue

Wednesday, August 9 from 7 – 8:30pm at the Farm
SOLD OUT Participants must be aged 21 years or older!

Learn how to make creative and fun cocktails that explore the local and seasonal flavors of summer with bartender Erick Donoghue of Tempo Bistro. This demonstration-based workshop will teach participants how to make handcrafted syrups, bitters, shrubs, flavorful garnishes, and more, so that you can prepare your own signature cocktails at your next backyard barbecue, summer party, or just a quiet night at home. Tastings of cocktail ideas will be sampled throughout the workshop and served with light appetizers. Tuition fee: $35 per person


Dried Apple Rings (Rebekah Carter 2012)Drying and Dehydrating Fruits,
Veggies, and Herbs Workshop

Tuesday, August 15 from 6:30 – 8pm in the kitchen
at Saint Eulalia’s Parish


Join Education Director Rebekah Carter to learn how to healthfully prepare and dehydrate or dry produce, simple snacks, teas, seasonings, and more using local seasonal fruit, veggies, and herbs. Featured topics to be covered include selecting the best ingredients, necessary dehydrating and drying equipment and kitchenwares, and delicious and easy to make dried food ideas using simple and flexible recipes. Tastings of featured dried foods will be enjoyed throughout the workshop, and each participant will help make and take home seasoned salt (uses dried herbs, celery, and/or garlic) and chamomile tea. Tuition fee: $30 per person


Maki sushi rolls (Yoshiko Sullivan)Maki Sushi Workshop with Yoshiko Sullivan

Thursday, August 17 from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the kitchen
at Saint Eulalia’s Parish


Come and experience a taste of Japan by Japanese cooking instructor Yoshiko Sullivan. This hands-on workshop will teach you step-by-step preparations and techniques to make the classic maki rolled sushi using vinegar seasoned sushi rice. She will show you how to make the seasoned rice, prepare the filling (cucumber, avocado, egg, and crab stick), and properly roll it for a visually appealing treat. As a side dish, Yoshiko will share how to make a nostalgic flavored miso soup, starting with dried kelp in the soup stock for homemade “dashi.” Tuition fee: $45 per person


Late summer garden veggies (Rebekah Carter 2012)Summer-Inspired Culinary Workshop
with Françoise Matte and Cecile Penot-Dietrich
of French in the Kitchen

Thursday, August 24 from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the kitchen
at Saint Eulalia’s Parish


Join the farm for a summer-inspired culinary workshop hosted by Françoise Matte and Cecile Penot-Dietrich of French in the Kitchen. Featured recipes include a savory parmesan crust tart with tapenade and cherry tomatoes, green risotto with spinach, basil, parmesan, and pine nuts, and a sweet raspberry tart. Tuition fee: $45 per person


Raspberry plum jam (Rebekah Carter 2011)Canning Jams and Sweet Preserves Workshop

Tuesday, August 29 from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the kitchen
at Saint Eulalia’s Parish


Join Education Director Rebekah Carter to learn how to safely prepare and can homemade jams, jellies, whole and half fruits, and other sweet preserves using the hot water bath canning method. Featured topics to be covered include selecting the best ingredients, necessary canning equipment, sweet preserve making techniques, and proper canning procedures that ensure a safe shelf-stable end product. Each participant will help make and take home a jar of raspberry plum jam to enjoy. Tuition fee: $30 per person


Flower bouquet at Wright-Locke Farm (Ruth Trimarchi)Summer Flower Arranging Workshop
with Ruth Trimarchi

Wednesday, August 30 from 6:30 – 8pm at the Farm

Join the farm for this August flower arranging workshop with Wright-Locke’s own flower farmer, Ruth Trimarchi. Each participant will create their own unique bouquet using seasonal flowers grown from seed at the farm. These local and sustainably-sourced flowers are likely to include strawflowers, amaranth, orlaya, larkspur, ageratum, bupleurum, ami, statice, celosia, pincushion, asters, salvia, sorghum, bells of Ireland, zinnias, hydrangea, herbs, cosmos or marigolds among others. Weather permitting, the workshop will start with a tour of the flower fields and perhaps some foraging for wildflowers; a brief video; and then Ruth will guide participants in making their own flower arrangement to take home and enjoy. Tuition fee: $35 per person (includes vase and bouquet)


Programs in Partnership with the Jenks Center

  • Jenks Garden Club at the Jenks Center (Tuesday mornings from 9 – 10am)
  • Registration for these programs is through the Jenks Center

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