Visit the Farm

Farmstead in the spring (Rebekah Carter 2014)Wright-Locke Farm is free and open to the public year-round during daylight hours. Hiking trails, ponds, wetlands, hilltop glades, and our beautiful historic farmstead provide a stunning natural setting to enjoy no matter the season. Our farm stand is open year-round, too, but hours change throughout the season. Until spring 2017, the stand will only be open on Wednesdays from 9am until eggs run out.

Lambs in the spring (Rebekah Carter 2014)The Farm is a 20 acre community farm operated by the Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. It is comprised of 2 land parcels: 7.5 acres is leased from the Town of Winchester and includes the historic farm buildings and growing fields; an additional 12.5 acres, including pasture lands to the north of the farmstead and wooded areas to the west abutting the Whipple Hill and Locke Conservation Areas, was recently purchased by the Wright-Locke Land Trust to preserve the land as open green space.

Follow the links below to learn more:

  • Farm Brochure (learn more about all the types of programming we have and take a look at the map of the farmstead)
  • Farm Visits (learn more about booking an education or volunteer-oriented farm visit)
  • Trails Map (includes main farm paths and trails in the Whipple Hill and Locke Conservation Areas)
  • Directions and Parking

Farmall in the fall (Rebekah Carter 2014)We ask that all farm visitors follow some simple rules while enjoying the Farm, to ensure the safety and health of our visitors and the land:

  • Wright-Locke Farm is a certified-organic fruit, vegetable, herb and flower farm; please respect all of our cultivated spaces, including the fields, gardens, greenhouse, and flower beds.
  • Please keep dogs on leash while visiting the main 7.5 acres of the farmstead and pick up after them.
  • Farm machinery, both new and old, can be dangerous; please do not touch/climb on new equipment or old equipment that is on display.
  • There are farm animals and honeybee hives at the Farm. Our pasture-raised chickens, goats, and sheep are sometimes kept in white netted electrified fencing that should not be touched; this includes the solar panel, wires, and metal conducting pole. All permanent metal and wood pole fencing used throughout the farmstead is NOT electrified and is always safe to touch. Only farm staff and trained volunteers performing duties should enter animal pens unless permission has been given.
  • Please take home any trash you make while visiting the Farm or throw it out in our trash and recycling bins near the farm stand.