Agroforestry at Wright-Locke

In 2016, the Farm along with the Conservation Commission started consulting with Connor Stedman from AppleSeed Permaculture in order to create an integrated, thoughtful plan on how to use, conserve, and restore the lands surrounding the immediate farmstead. After the purchase of this surrounding land in 2015, the Farm knew that it wanted to make sure that these beatiful spaces could be used by the public and preserved for generations to come. Our agroforestry initiative is integral to that goal. Through thorough discussion with Farm staff, community members, and conservation commision members, Connor Stedman crafted an Agroforestry Master Plan for the Farm to be used as a resource and implemented as desired.

We have formed a working group to discuss and help implement these ideas over the coming years. If you are interested in getting involved with this initiative, please contact Archie McIntyre at 

AgroForestry_Overview Image